Hennebel Avocats is an international niche law firm, specialising in the international and transnational dimension of the handling of cases, in their advisory or litigation phases. We have excellent expertise in procedures and situations involving the protection of rights, freedoms and interests, with international organisations or in the context of transnational procedures.
European Court of Human Rights

We offer our clients feasibility studies as well as full management of drafting and filing of applications to the European Court of Human Rights. Whether in cases of fair trials, criminal law, business criminal law, tax criminal law, family law, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, demonstration or association, political rights or the right to asylum, the complaints procedure before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg is often the last possible recourse if domestic procedures fail.

The law of the European Convention on Human Rights is an extremely valuable standard-setting instrument for French lawyers, and European lawyers in general, and is likely to be called upon in an increasing number of cases. However, this right is becoming increasingly complex, particularly as a result of the exponential development of the case law of the European Court of Human Rights, which has handed down more than 21,600 judgments since 1959. The Court ruled that 84% of these judgments were a violation. As regards to France, the Court dealt with 32,465 applications and delivered 1,013 judgments, including 736 ruled by the Court as a violation.

In order to conduct a successful complaint procedure before the European Court of Human Rights, it is necessary to call upon lawyers who are experts in international and European human rights law, capable of fully mastering the complex procedural requirements and of constructing an appropriate argument. Our firm has world-class expertise in this field and will meet the legitimate expectations of rigour and excellence in order to satisfy our clients’ need for justice.

An application to the European Court of Human Rights requires a perfect command of both the procedure and the substantive law of the European Convention on Human Rights, which is constantly evolving. This technical, procedural and substantive mastery is at the heart of Hennebel Avocats’ expertise.