Hennebel Avocats is an international niche law firm, specialising in the international and transnational dimension of the handling of cases, in their advisory or litigation phases. We have excellent expertise in procedures and situations involving the protection of rights, freedoms and interests, with international organisations or in the context of transnational procedures.
Business, Enterprise and Human Rights

Businesses are increasingly required to commit to promote and respect human rights in the course of their economic activities. The violation of human rights attributable to a company is a real risk that may engage the responsibility of the company or its managers – in particular through criminal proceedings – but may also have a lasting impact on the reputation and image of the company and its brands, while hindering the sustainable growth and development of the company. A company that violates human rights exposes itself to harsh criticism and attacks from the public, consumers, economic and business partners, and employees.

Hennebel Avocats assists companies with transnational and international activities in order to stimulate the integration, promotion and respect of human rights in their activities, and to prevent the risks of human rights violations attributable to these companies, directly or through complicity.

We provide our clients with concrete and tailor-made action plans to assess the risks of human rights abuses in their international operations, including in the supply chain; to measure the potential impact of products and services on human rights; and to fully integrate human rights into the operational mode of the company and its various departments; to forge the tools and instruments specific to the company in order to guarantee the respect for human rights in its activities, including the development of a code of conduct, an ethics charter, self-assessment and self-regulation mechanisms and tools, performance indicators, methodology for drafting non-financial reports, and procedures for managing human rights issues within the company.