Hennebel Avocats is an international niche law firm, specialising in the international and transnational dimension of the handling of cases, in their advisory or litigation phases. We have excellent expertise in procedures and situations involving the protection of rights, freedoms and interests, with international organisations or in the context of transnational procedures.
International / Interpol arrest warrant

We offer our clients who are subject to an international arrest warrant (Interpol) an appropriate legal and strategic framework to protect their rights and interests, through actions to suspend, contest or cancel the warrant, or even to obtain financial compensation for the damage caused.

Interpol is an intergovernmental criminal police organization with 194 member states. It is based in Lyon (France). In particular, it is competent to issue international arrest warrants in the form of « red notices » for the purpose of locating, arresting and extraditing persons wanted in connection with criminal proceedings or persons convicted as fugitives. The concerned individuals are therefore at risk of arrest and extradition at any time as their profiles are circulated via the Interpol network.

Individuals subject to an international arrest warrant targeted by a Red Notice – and their lawyers if necessary – need appropriate, accurate and strategic legal advice in order to safeguard their rights and freedoms in this international procedure.

Our law firm offers tailor-made advice and has the know-how to challenge the validity of international arrest warrants. The procedure for challenging such an international arrest warrant, or denouncing an abuse of the procedure for political purposes, for example, is complex and takes place before an ad-hoc committee set up by Interpol which applies its own set of standards and special procedure, and issues decisions which are binding on Interpol and its member states. Mastering this procedure requires a fine and adapted expertise.

Hennebel Attorneys at Law has successfully intervened to challenge international arrest warrants, in the form of Interpol Red Notices, against international political figures as well as world-class businessmen and businesswomen of concern in criminal prosecution cases.