Hennebel Avocats is an international niche law firm, specialising in the international and transnational dimension of the handling of cases, in their advisory or litigation phases. We have excellent expertise in procedures and situations involving the protection of rights, freedoms and interests, with international organisations or in the context of transnational procedures.
Complaints of human rights violations to the United Nations

When internal procedures do not ensure the protection of the rights and interests of our clients, either to appeal against an internal decision before an international body, to denounce abuses or human rights violations, or to strategically strengthen a position by convening international instruments, various mechanisms established by the United Nations can be usefully called upon.

The various treaty committees, including the United Nations Human Rights Committee, the Committee against Torture and the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, for example, receive individual complaints of human rights violations. These mechanisms can in some cases be interesting alternatives to a referral to the European Court of Human Rights.

The United Nations Special Rapporteurs can also be seized, most of the time, by allegations of violations or individual complaints and are likely to influence the conduct of States and play a role in protecting the rights and interests of victims. Therefore some special mandates make it possible to denounce arbitrary detention, acts of torture, discriminatory situations, violations of the right to demonstrate, or, among many thematic mandates, violations of the human rights of persons suspected of terrorism.

This United Nations engineering, with its complex and extensive set of human rights mechanisms, can be usefully called upon to defend the rights and interests of our clients. More in line with a dimension combining litigation, diplomacy and investigation, this engineering requires, in order to be mastered, a fine and state-of-the-art expertise offered by Hennebel Avocats. Often unknown to lawyers and legal experts, this engineering is perfectly mastered by Hennebel Avocats.