Hennebel Avocats mainly works on cases we are entrusted with by other law firms wishing to guarantee for their clients an expertise of excellence on the international dimension of certain cases or on the management of a strategy or procedure. In addition, the Cabinet is entrusted with complex cases and problems from high-ranking international political figures; business leaders, executives and industrialists; companies operating internationally; political dissidents and others persecuted in their countries of origin; or individuals who, in France, Europe or elsewhere, wish to take international steps to assert their rights or denounce human rights violations they have suffered.
Political figures

Senior international political figures may face political-judicial prosecution, most often mixing political attacks and judicial persecution. As such, in some States, there is increasingly a form of instrumentalisation of legal proceedings against political figures and personalities, most often orchestrated for political purposes (which, according to some interpretations, is covered by the concept of lawfare).

Defending oneself against these forms of instrumentalisation of justice requires special expertise. Not only must the interests and rights of politicians be defended in the proceedings against them, while managing the media and communication aspects, but a counter-attack strategy must also be put in place to denounce the use of justice and prevent the multiplication and repetition of political and judicial persecution.

In the context of these political processes, the development of an appropriate and tailor-made international strategy is indispensable. It may include denouncing the instrumentalization of justice in international and regional fora and activating a range of diplomatic and jurisdictional mechanisms, as well as negotiation and arbitration tactics.

Hennebel Avocats implements for you and with you adapted and tailor-made strategies to defend your rights and interests, using ingenuity, technicality, know-how and creativity in the use of the means of defence to fight against the instrumentalisation of justice.