The Law Firm

Hennebel Attorneys at Law is a niche law firm specializing in international and transnational strategy aimed at providing solutions to complex problems in the field of international law, international and European human rights law; humanitarian law and action; business human rights; transnational criminal law; and asylum law. We most often assist law firms seeking specialized support in dealing with the international and transnational aspects of their cases and we offer comprehensive strategies, combining advice, litigation, negotiation and arbitration, to our clients. Our clients are most often global actors, business leaders, political figures, political dissidents, multinational corporations, corporations with transnational activities, transnational groupings, including NGOs, and international associations.

Specialized niche firm

Hennebel Avocats offers excellent expertise in various specialized areas: international law; international and European human rights law; humanitarian law and action; business human rights; transnational criminal law; asylum law; and transnational litigation strategy.

At the beginning of a complex litigation of a transnational nature, with which a client may be confronted, we propose the implementation of a global, structural and coherent strategy in order to protect their rights and freedoms and their interests.

Methods & creativity

Regardless of the nature of the legal issues our clients face, we offer strategies and tactical options to achieve solutions to the legal issues at hand. To do this, in law, and particularly in the international or transnational field, the avenues of litigation are explored, such as, for instance a recourse to the European Court of Human Rights. However, in most cases the possibilities of negotiation, amicable agreements, mediation or even arbitration should be encouraged. These strategic alternatives generally allow agreements to be concluded, appropriate solutions to be found, and advantageous reparation measures to be negotiated.

Excellence & global vision

Law is a demanding art and requires cutting-edge expertise, especially when it must be mastered in its international dimension. Each case has its own particularities and requires an adapted expertise and a well-thought-through strategy adjusted to the client’s profile, expectations and the nature of the case. This is why Hennebel Avocats sets up an ad-hoc team for each case , to understand and analyse the problem and develop a suitable strategy. To do so, we rely on an international network of international experts renowned for their know-how, integrity and expertise in cutting-edge fields.

Tailor-made advice

Hennebel Avocats also stands out for the selection of the cases and files we accept to handle. Leading-edge expertise and care in handling complex files require time, concentration and energy. Each case must be offered creative, careful, thoughtful and tailor-made solutions. Each client must receive personalised follow-up and support, attentive listening and advice that is informed and constantly adjusted.

The cases we accept to handle meet several criteria, including the intellectual and technical challenge, the complexity and interest of the case, the justice issues raised, the profile of the client, and the potential impact of the case on progress, justice and the defence of humanist values.

Vision and values

Hennebel Avocats defends a project of global justice, intends to promote respect for human rights, the rights of the defence, ethics and progress. We believe that law is an art, and that it requires perfect mastery in order to be able to express its full power. Each file must be treated as a project in its own right, with its own specificities, and allowing the expression of this art. More than that, the law is an instrument for achieving objectives and carrying out projects. We use the law, implement it, and master it in order to defend humanist values, progress, and justice.

Hennebel Avocats’ relationships with their clients and partners are based on trust, respect and discretion. We maintain ethical, sincere and genuine relationships with each client and partner.

The strictest respect for the rules of ethics and professional secrecy, but also for the elementary principles of courtesy and discretion, is an integral part of the conception of the lawyer’s profession and equally of the practice of Hennebel Avocats.


Hennebel Avocats work mainly in French, English and Spanish. We also rely on our network of experts and collaborators to be involved in cases, according to needs, involving other languages, such as Arabic or Russian.

Global Law Firm

The firm’s lawyers have a global approach, are extremely mobile and international. Based in Marseilles, they are regularly present in Paris, Brussels, Geneva and New York, and are available to meet clients at their convenience.

In addition, Hennebel Avocats regularly carry out international expertise, advice and evaluation missions on behalf of non-governmental organisations, international organisations, companies, and law firms. In this context, Hennebel Avocats carry out missions in countries in conflict, post-conflict, reconstruction or development situations.



The Hennebel Avocats law firm works in close collaboration with the Aix Global Justice Clinic ( Founded in 2015 at the Faculty of Law of Aix-en-Provence and under the direction of Professor Ludovic Hennebel, this Law Clinic has since established itself as a major university player involved in litigation, research and advisory matters in international law and related matters such as international human rights law, international criminal law, international humanitarian law and international migration law, alongside law and consultancy firms, non-profit organizations government and activist associations and international organizations. The Clinic relies on a team of ten case managers and supervises around 60 clinical students per year.

Hennebel Avocats works in close collaboration with Bass Mazon Associés (, which specializes in general criminal and business criminal law. This firm, with its headquarters in Marseille, is geared towards companies and their leaders confronted with criminal justice, as perpetrators or victims. Maître Bass and Maître Mazon, as well as their team, provide advice on the prevention of criminal risk (mapping of criminal risk, training of managers, setting up of delegations of powers, etc.) and support in the litigation phase (Judicial proceedings, preparation of the hearing, criminal court, Courts of appeal, Courts of assizes…).